19 Dec 2014

Websites Then and Now

There are some important reasons to Redesign Your Website. Like Your Content Management System or Website Technology Is Out of Date, Your Website Design Looks Old and Outdated, Your Website Is Not Mobile-Friendly, You Aren’t Getting the Results You Want, Your Business Focus Changes

Whenever you are going to Redesign Your Website make sure that it should turn out to be more eye catching to visitors with a effective layout design. Use interesting and significant graphics, images, fonts and colors in the website to make it as convincing to the eyes of the visitor. These ensure that you offer competition to the other websites on the Internet.

Your new website must be eye catching layout and SEO friendly.

Let’s find out in our list how is your favorite Websites THEN and NOW.

Google 1998


Google 2014


Facebook 2004


Facebook 2014



YouTube 2005


YouTube 2014



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