26 Sep 2014

Facebook Launched Save Features

Facebook has added a new feature that may have you spending more time on the site. you can store links, videos or anything else your friends share on facebook so you can easily access it later anytime. Only you can see the items you save unless you choose to share them with friends. Sometimes you will get reminder of your saved items in News Feed.


How Save Works

The “Save” button or a little bookmark icon button resides in the bottom right of stories in the mobile and web News Feed, and you can also Save by using the drop-down menu accessed from the arrow in the top right of each story. On Facebook Pages for Places, Movies, TV shows, and musicians, as well as Events, there’ll be a more prominent Save button next to Like or the RSVP options. A link to Saved items appears in the web homepage’s left sidebar list of bookmarks, and the More apps list on mobile. That More list is where features like Nearby Places and Nearby Friends have been buried, and Save too could get forgotten by average users.


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